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Airtel is the leading telecom service provider in India. Its services brochure expands from landlines to broadband, and DTH to cellular operations. Being the largest telecom service provider, it offers quite exquisite and intuitive services. The user can fully enjoy call diverting, call waiting and other facilities on both the Airtel mobile and landline service.

However, most of the people are aware of the mobile call diverting but fell short of the information to get the facility on Airtel landline. We have prepared a definitive guide to configure call diverting on the Airtel landline.

What is Call Forwarding?

Call Forwarding is a useful facility to divert incoming calls to other numbers. It allows the user to forward all the voice calls to a reachable number. The call forwarding comes handy when the user is unable to attend calls or the number is out of reach due to several reasons.

Advantages of Call Forwarding

There are several advantages of availing the call forwarding facilities, especially on landlines. Here are a few of them:

  • Fades away the worry to miss an important call.
  • It helps to improve communication with clients when not in the office.
  • Call Forwarding is available on your mobile phone also.
  • It can forward the calls from your home to the office.
  • Easy and simple to activate or deactivate Call Forwarding facility.

Steps to activate Airtel Landline Call Forwarding

It is quite an easy process to activate the call forwarding on India’s leading telecom operator. Moreover, there are three types of call forwarding available:

  1. No Reply – In this forwarding, the telephone is forwarded to another phone or mobile number after ringing for 25 seconds.
  2. Unconditional – It will force all the calls to divert immediately irrespective of any issue.
  3. Busy – It diverts calls to other numbers when your line is busy.


For Unconditional Call Forwarding, Type **21**<othernumber>#
Example – **21**7896512345#
Deactivation – ##21#

For Busy Call Forwarding, Type **67*<othernumber>#
Example – **67*7896512345#
Deactivation – ##67#

For No-Reply Call Forwarding, Type **62*<othernummber>#
Example – **62*7896512345#
Deactivation – ##62#

So these are the easy steps to activate Call Forwarding on Airtel Landline. If you get any problem. Don’t forget to comment below, we will be happy to assist you.

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